Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Different Flowers and Pricing

Original Headbands     
I've been experimenting with my flower headbands with some 
different beads and lace and such. I really like how they are turning out.

Original Hair Clips have so many possibilities.
You can wear them in a pony tail or to pin back your bangs.


Original Flower Pins are really great to pin on a shirt or cardigan.

Flower Brooch Now these I love. I found this tutorial online 
and thought I'd give it a try.There are so many great fabrics 
which means lots of possibilities! These look great pinned to 
a cardigan, jacket or even a purse.


Twisted Flowers These flowers are so beautiful!
I love putting them on a lace wrapped headband.

Price List
Twisted Flowers w/ hard headband $8
Twisted Flowers w/ stretchy string $6
Flower Brooch (pin) $5
Original Flower Pins $6
Original Hair Clips $3
Original Headbands w/ stretchy strings $6
Original Headbands w/ hard headband $8

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